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Welcome to the Icinga Community Wiki

This wiki is meant to be an addition to the existing Documentation for Icinga 1.x and 2.x. If you have detailed support questions, please use one of the existing support channels.

If you came here just starting with Icinga, checkout the Advice for Icinga 1.x Beginners.

Getting started with Icinga 2.x is described separately.

Checkout these spaces:

  • Howtos - 1.x and 2.x installation and configuration guides, addons, plugins, tips & tricks
  • Testing - some detailed hints on testing Icinga 1.x and its components
  • Development - guidelines, specifications, debug hints, advanced coding stuff
  • Community - how to report bugs, edit the wiki


To login you need to register a global Icinga account. You can find help on that here!