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This place is meant for Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2.x serving various howtos. If you encounter missing configuration (1.x vs 2.x) please update the wiki pages accordingly. Thanks!
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  1. Anonymous

    How to setup icinga and add device for monitoring?

    Help me, please.

  2. Anonymous

    So... is it possible to add and remove monitored objects via the web UI?  Even the terrible Applications Manager does this.  Please don't make me go back to AppMan!

    1. there are various config editors available like nagiosql, nconf, lconf and such. they all use their backends and create cfg files in order to feed the core with configuration. so it's up to you if you prefer vi or use a config editor.

  3. Hi guys...

    I have a tutorial for install Icinga with FreeBSD here

    Please admins, put this tutorial in Howtos :-)

    1. Hi Angel,

      I've added your tutorial to 

      In the future, feel free to set up an account and add your contributions.