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This document describes the development process in icinga-web and should help beginners to dive into hacking. Icinga-Web is, like every living open source project, always a work-in-progress. We try hard to keep this document up to date, but if you find anything that isn't up to date anymore, let us know.

titleIcinga Web < v.1.5

Most of the content in this document describes features available form Icinga-Web v.1.5


  1. Getting ready for hacking
    A short introduction in the frameworks and techniques used for icinga-web and how to start.
  2. Introduction to agavi: My first module
    A short trip in the world of MVC-Programming with agavi, creating modules, actions, routings and config files
  3. Database Essentials: Using Icinga-Web and Doctrine to fetch data
    How Doctrine is integrated in icinga-web and how to use it without too much effort
  4. The Icinga-HTTP Api 
    How to use the HTTP Api powering tools like our Icinga-Mobile interface
  5. Creating Cronks
    An explanation of Cronks, which are the fundamental part of icinga-web's presentation logic, and how to create/modify your own cronks.
  6. Creating Modules
    Explains how to create your own modules on top of the icinga-web authentication and data-stack which can be seamlessly integrated in the frontend.
  7. Expert Database: Implement your own DataSource as a DataStore
    Tells you how to create your own datastore, including custom filters, sorting, etc. This is not database specific, as you can use any data source.
  8. Taking it further: Exporting DataStores (Icinga-Web >= 1.6)
    A description of the JSDescriptor methods, which allow you to create/change datasources on the server-side and use them on the client side without touching any data-specific code.